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Toilet Bowl Automatic Night Light - Expedited Shipping

Want a night light that turns on only when you visit the washroom at night?

We got it.

No more fumbling in the dark to find the light switch, only to be blinded by the bright light as if you were in an interrogation room.

This thing senses when you're around and lights up bright enough to show you the way, and dim enough to be comfortable.

Get yours today for 50% off.

Shipping is FREE, so buy one for each bathroom!

Buy It Today and We'll Ship From Our USA Warehouse within 24 Hours.


  • Sanitary design: easy to clean.
  • Soft PVC arm can be bent to fit any shape.
  • Suitable for all bathrooms: home, hotel, restaurant, house, etc.
  • Auto-sensing system: it will turn on when you get close, auto off when you leave.
  • Energy-saving.
  • 8-Color light emission: 8-color light in turn, each color for 15 seconds randomly, 120 seconds overall for a cycle; you can also set one color you desire.

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