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Tie Rack

Tie Rack/Organizer

Don't you HATE it when you look for a matching tie, having to sift through a mess of different colored ties, all wrinkled and tangled up?

Well, starting today, you don't have to.

This simple but ingenious tie organizer makes it incredibly easy for you to sort through your ties.

Now you can pick your matching tie in seconds and guess what?

It's not gonna be wrinkled either.

Today you can get this organizer for free; all we ask is that you cover shipping and handling.

Get it now. You can thank us later.

Hangs up to 20 ties.

Have more than 20 ties? Buy two or more and save on shipping!

Product details:
Material: Plastic
Diameter: 4.3 inches
Height:4.7 inches
Number of ties: 20